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MyFamilyPies.com – Stepsis Helps Me Get It Up – S33:E3 added to MyFamilyPies.com

My Family Pies - Stepsis Helps Me Get It Up - S33:E3

My Family PiesStepsis Helps Me Get It Up – S33:E3

featuring Chris Lockwood and Scarlett Alexis.

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Jun 13, 2024


Chris Lockwood can’t get his pants to zip. His stepsister, Scarlett Alexis, comes in to tell him they’re going to be late and winds up crouched before him to help. Reaching into the fly, Scarlett handles Chris’s stiffie to try to get it out of the way. She compliments Chris’s dick, but puts it away without any other hanky panky. As they’re leaving, Scarlett comments she might need Chris’s help after school.

Later, Scarlett calls Chris into her bedroom to ask him for help unzipping her skirt. As Chris has his hands on her, Scarlett reaches over to pat his hardon. She wants to repay his help by giving him a blowjob and Chris can’t say no. Once Scarlett’s mouth is on his hardon, Chris knows he’s gotta go all the way. He begins by eating Scarlett out.

Getting to his feet, Chris replaces his tongue with his dick. Scarlett is a great lay as she writhes on the bed, clearly enjoying the feel of his hardon inside her cooch. She gets on her belly so Chris can do her from behind. Then the Latina babe rides Chris in reverse cowgirl. She falls to her side so Chris can spoon behind her. When her stepbro gives her a nice creampie, Scarlett throws her head back in the afterglow of a good fuck.

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