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MomWantsToBreed.com – It Happened Under The Blankets – S5:E1 added to MomWantsToBreed.com

Mom Wants To Breed - It Happened Under The Blankets - S5:E1

Mom Wants To BreedIt Happened Under The Blankets – S5:E1

featuring Kathryn Mae and Parker Ambrose.

Added On:

Jul 19, 2024


Kathryn Mae and her stepson Parker Ambrose are sharing a beach vacation rental. She and her sister will be staying next door. Once Parker is settled, Kathryn shucks her coverup and shows off her bikini. Parker decides to accompany them to the beach even as Kathryn makes a series of comments about breeding.

Later, Parker is about to go to bed when Kathryn comes in wearing just her robe and sheer lingerie. Her sister brought a guy home to breed her and Kathryn needs somewhere to sleep so she’s decided to cuddle up with her stepson. Once she’s in bed and spooned close to Parker, she asks him to breed her and he agrees, letting her shove his dick deep inside from behind.

Now that Parker has committed, he gives his horny stepmilf everything. She rides him in reverse cowgirl and then he dicks her down in doggy. Kathryn sucks the D, then gets on her back. Locking eyes with Parker, she reminds him that he’s got to breed her. In response, Parker gluts his stepmom with a big fat creampie that will hopefully get her preggo.

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MyFamilyPies.com – Win Or Lose You Can Bone Me – S34:E1 added to MyFamilyPies.com

My Family Pies - Win Or Lose You Can Bone Me - S34:E1

My Family PiesWin Or Lose You Can Bone Me – S34:E1

featuring Bianca Bangs, Madison Wilde and Parker Ambrose.

Added On:

Jul 15, 2024


Bianca Bangs and Madison Wilde are working on boxing as a form of self defense and also because there’s a fight coming up that they’re very passionate about. When Parker Ambrose, Bianca Bangs’s stepbrother, comes out and asks what they’re doing, the girls argue about who’s going to win. Later, Parker comes across Bianca training topless. Madison rips her own shirt off, too. Knowing that Parker is watching, the girls argue even harder, going chest to naked chest.

Later, Parker comes to Bianca’s room to see that the girls have made up. Since no one technically lost, they agree they can fuck Parker together. Crawling across the bed, they pull out Parker’s stiffie and go to work together. Soon they’ve both removed their shirts as they slurp and suck down Parker’s hardon.

Bianca takes the first spin on Parker’s hardon as he lays on his back. Riding in reverse cowgirl, Madison relieves Bianca so Bianca can ride her stepbrother’s tongue. Once Bianca has sucked the trio’s juices from Parker’s cock, Madison gets on her knees to eat Bianca out while Parker does her in doggy. Bianca is the final recipient of Parker’s ministrations as she spreads her thighs for him. He rewards her dedication with a creampie that leaves her dripping with her stepbrother’s love.

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PrincessCum.com – Chloe Is In Charge – S11:E2 added to PrincessCum.com

Princess Cum - Chloe Is In Charge - S11:E2

Princess CumChloe Is In Charge – S11:E2

featuring Chloe Temple and Mason Gray.

Added On:

Jul 12, 2024


Chloe Temple is in charge when her dad and stepmom leave. She tells her stepbrother Mason Gray that if he does everything she says, she’ll tell their parents that she doesn’t need to be in charge anymore when they go out. Mason does as he’s told, taking on all the chores Chloe sets for him.

Eventually Chloe says to rub her back. Then she tells Mason to rub her tits, and then her pussy. Mason is unsure of whether he should be doing this, but Chloe insists she’s in charge. She tells stepbro to eat her pussy and then gets on her knees so she can suck his dick.

Chloe keeps on getting what she wants as she spreads her thighs so Mason can hike up her miniskirt and slam home. They do it in doggy and then Chloe rides her way to climax in reverse cowgirl and cowgirl. Since she’s in a position of power, Chloe can make sure her stepbro’s cum shot is a big fat creampie. When she rolls off the D and plays with the jizz streaming out of her, Chloe is all happy smiles.

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MomWantsCreampie.com – My Sex Starved Stepmom Gets A New Man – S4:E9 added to MomWantsCreampie.com

Mom Wants Creampie - My Sex Starved Stepmom Gets A New Man - S4:E9

Mom Wants CreampieMy Sex Starved Stepmom Gets A New Man – S4:E9

featuring Sam Bourne and Shalina Devine.

Added On:

Jul 10, 2024


Shalina Devine is chilling when her stepson Sam Bourne walks in. He is the bearer of bad news: He has divorce papers from his dad and he is supposed to give them to Shalina to sign. Shalina freaks out: Sam’s dad cheated on her while she keeps her body nice and tight for him.

Since she’s getting a divorce, Shalina decides she’s up for a new boy toy and Sam is the perfect candidate. Without further ado, she pulls him down to the level of her titties and insists he suck them nipples. Eating stepmilf’s twat is Sam’s next assignment. In return, Shalina demonstrates her BJ skills with enthusiasm.

Shalina doesn’t waste another moment before climbing to straddle Sam’s hips as she slides on down on that stiffie. Her cowgirl ride becomes a spooning fuck as Sam curls up behind her. Sam dives deep as Shalina rolls onto her back. Then she gets on her knees for a doggy style delight. She finishes off riding Sam in reverse cowgirl until he gluts her with a creampie that she hopes will be the first of many.

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MyFamilyPies.com – Stepsis Is My Side Piece – S33:E6 added to MyFamilyPies.com

My Family Pies - Stepsis Is My Side Piece - S33:E6

My Family PiesStepsis Is My Side Piece – S33:E6

featuring Ricky Spanish and Sophia Sterling.

Added On:

Jul 3, 2024


Sophia Sterling knows her stepbrother Ricky Spanish has been cheating on his girlfriend. The problem is, he’s sleeping around with trashy girls. Fortunately, Sophia has an idea that will keep everyone happy. She dresses in hot lingerie and corners Ricky in his bedroom.

As Ricky admires his stepsister’s body, Sophia lays out her plan. She will fuck Ricky any way and any how and he will otherwise stop cheating on his girlfriend. She teases Ricky with her body to sweeten the deal. Soon enough, Ricky iso n his back with Sophia’s meaty push lips beneath his tongue. Leaning forward, Sophia transitions to a 69 so they can both enjoy some oral delight.

Sliding down Ricky’s body, Sophia mounts her stepbro in cowgirl before turning around to rock her hips in reverse cowgirl. Getting on her knees, she urges Ricky to dick her down. As Sophia rolls onto her back, she lets Ricky creampie her before taking a photo of the evidence. When Ricky asks what she’s doing, Sophia reminds him that his girlfriend is his queen and she, his stepsis, is his cum sponge. She’ll send the pic if Ricky cheats again.

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MyFamilyPies.com – Stepsis Knows How To Handle Meat – S33:E5 added to MyFamilyPies.com

My Family Pies - Stepsis Knows How To Handle Meat - S33:E5

My Family PiesStepsis Knows How To Handle Meat – S33:E5

featuring Nick Strokes, Scarlet Skies and Selina Imai.

Added On:

Jun 27, 2024


Scarlet Skies and her stepbrother Nick Strokes can’t agree about who is going to do the cooking for their fourth of July party. Scarlet’s BFF Selina Imai suggests they have a cookoff. When Nick agrees, the girls go to change while Nick goes straight to the barbeque outside.

The girls show up wearing thongs and matching Nubiles aprons. They claim Nick can’t cook with a hard dick, and he goes on to burn the food. Scarlet offers a rematch, but first the girls know they need to get poor Nick off. They get on their knees in front of him to deliver a BJ together, then get to their feet to kickstart their cookout threesome.

The girls get to their feet and lean over the counter to present Nick with a pussy buffet. Getting on the counter, Selina spreads her thighs for Nick to plunge deep. Scarlet puts Nick on his back on the floor so she can ride him in reverse cowgirl. She thrusts her hips and bounces away until he blows his load. With Nick’s cum dripping out of her, Scarlet dredges her fingers through the treat and brings it to her lips so she can share their cream pie dessert.

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MyFamilyPies.com – Stepdad Gets Me So Wet – S33:E4 added to MyFamilyPies.com

My Family Pies - Stepdad Gets Me So Wet - S33:E4

My Family PiesStepdad Gets Me So Wet – S33:E4

featuring Serina Gomez and Stanley Johnson.

Added On:

Jun 21, 2024


Serina Gomez is having trouble focusing on her homework. It’s her new glasses; she’s having trouble focusing with them on. Her stepdad, Stanley Johnson, reassures her that the glasses are cute and she’s sexy when she wears them.

Calling Stanley over to the couch, Serina asks him to read to her. While he’s distracted, she pulls her panties off and waves them around. Stanley wants to know what his stepdaughter is doing, but she points out he just called her sexy and then spreads her thighs to show her pussy is nice and wet. Since he’s already in trouble, Stanley decides to dive in and explore with his fingers and then his tongue.

Turning the tables on Stanley, Serina shows him how very good she is with her mouth after stripping down to just her sexy glasses. When Serina mounts her stepdaddy’s dick in reverse cowgirl it’s hot, but it’s even hotter when she turns around so Stanley can admire the glasses in cowgirl. Then Serina lets stepdad pull her hair as he dicks her down in doggy. Rolling to her back, Serina spreads her thighs and moans as Stanley gluts her with a nice fat creampie.

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MomWantsCreampie.com – Cream My Pussy Not My Coffee – S4:E8 added to MomWantsCreampie.com

Mom Wants Creampie - Cream My Pussy Not My Coffee - S4:E8

Mom Wants CreampieCream My Pussy Not My Coffee – S4:E8

featuring Alexis Malone and Jodie Johnson.

Added On:

Jun 21, 2024


Alexis Malone pours herself coffee in the morning, but the creamer is just about gone. What little is left she accidentally pours all over her lingerie clad titties. Her stepson Jodie Johnson offers to give her some cream. When Alexis takes him seriously, Jodie tries to say his dad’ll be up soon. Alexis says she’ll be fast and proceeds to give him a handie until he nuts in her coffee.

The handie has the potential to become their morning routine, but the next day Jodie takes longer to cum. Alexis winds up sucking him off. When that still doesn’t work, Alexis tries a titty fuck between her enhanced big ones.

Still waiting on the cum, Alexis gets to her feet and leans over the countertop. It’s on Jodie to tug his stepmilf’s thong aside and shove it in from behind. Alexis lays Jodie down and straddles him for a reverse cowgirl stiffie ride. Alexis eventually climbs onto the counter so Jodie can eat her pussy and then shove it in to fuck that landing strip twat until he gives her a nice creampie. Staying splayed out, Alexis lets her treat drip into her coffee.

MILF Creampies

MomWantsToBreed.com – Stepmom Cant Resist My Cream – S4:E10 added to MomWantsToBreed.com

Mom Wants To Breed - Stepmom Cant Resist My Cream - S4:E10

Mom Wants To BreedStepmom Cant Resist My Cream – S4:E10

featuring Alex Charger and Josephine Jackson.

Added On:

Jun 19, 2024


Josephine Jackson has rented an amazing apartment for vacation. She walks in with her stepson Alex Charger, who is instantly pissed because he’s staying in a hostel while Josephine and his dad get a magnificent place. Josephine tries to explain that she and Alex’s dad need some privacy. Eventually Alex explodes that he just wants to fuck Josephine.

That shines a whole new light on their relationship. Josephine admits she thinks about it, too, and even as she tries to explain Alex comes in for a kiss. Before they can think better of it, the two are all over each other. Cupping Alex’s dick, Josephine realizes that he’s so hard. She can’t help but crouch before him to blow that nice stiffie.

Alex tosses Josephine onto the couch and licks her pussy clean. Only then does he spoon behind his bigtit stepmom and dive deep from behind. Their fuck fest continues in doggy, with Josephine loving every moment of it. After sucking their juices from Alex’s hardon, Josephine mounts him in cowgirl. She eventually turns around and rides in reverse cowgirl until Alex gives her a big creampie. Only then do they realize the time and that Alex’s dad will arrive any minute.

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MyFamilyPies.com – June 2024 Flavor Of The Month Elsa Violet – S4:E11 added to MyFamilyPies.com

My Family Pies - June 2024 Flavor Of The Month Elsa Violet - S4:E11

My Family PiesJune 2024 Flavor Of The Month Elsa Violet – S4:E11

featuring Elsa Violet and Jay Romero.

Added On:

Jun 1, 2024


Elsa Violet has just returned home from shopping and she wants to show her stepbrother Jay Romero what she’s bought. As she’s rustling through her clothes, she realizes Jay isn’t paying attention to her. To get Jay’s attention, Elsa changes in front of him. Then she asks him which dress he’d creampie her in.

Once Jay answers, Elsa leaves to put the dress on. When she returns, she’s all about getting said creampie. She teases Jay with her hot body before eventually dropping to her knees to suck his dick. With Elsa’s mouth wrapped around his hardon, Jay is putty in her hands. Of course he’ll fuck her.

They begin with Elsa on her feet leaning over the couch as Jay does her from behind. Jay takes a seat so Elsa can ride him in cowgirl and then turn around in reverse cowgirl. When Elsa gets on her back, Jay fucks her one last time and gives her the promised creampie.

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