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MomWantsCreampie.com – You Dont Have To Leave Home – S4:E4 added to MomWantsCreampie.com

Mom Wants Creampie - You Dont Have To Leave Home - S4:E4

Mom Wants CreampieYou Dont Have To Leave Home – S4:E4

featuring Blaire Johnson and Jimmy Michaels.

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Apr 4, 2024


Blaire Johnson wasn’t expecting to have feelings about her stepson Jimmy Michaels spreading his wings and leaving the next, but it turns out she really does. Jimmy approaches Blaire one day while she’s ironing and asks for her help. He wants to look at apartments, which sends a stab of jealousy through Blaire. It gets even worse when Jimmy chats about bringing girls back to his place.

Later that evening, Blaire comes to Jimmy’s room wearing sheer lingerie and a robe. She suggests that he just stay home. If he does as she asks, Blaire offers to let Jimmy fuck her any time he wants. Jimmy wasn’t expecting that, but as Blaire lets the robe slide from her shoulders he’s instantly a fan of this idea. His hardon is obvious, giving Blaire something nice and big to suck down.

Keeping her promise with a smile, Blaire kneels in bed so Jimmy can enjoy the way her ass jiggles before he slides in from behind. Then she lays Jimmy down to ride him in reverse cowgirl. Jimmy licks his stepmilf’s pussy, then shoves back home as she lays there on her back with an ankle linked over his shoulder to open herself up nice and wide. At Blaire’s urging, Jimmy nuts deep inside for a creampie that seals their deal for him to stay.

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