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MyFamilyPies.com – January 2024 Flavor Of The Month Rissa May – S4:E6 added to MyFamilyPies.com

My Family Pies - January 2024 Flavor Of The Month Rissa May - S4:E6

My Family PiesJanuary 2024 Flavor Of The Month Rissa May – S4:E6

featuring Rion King and Rissa May.

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Jan 1, 2024


Rissa May loves to play in the snow, but she isn’t having fun without her stepbrother Rion King paying attention to her. She dresses up in her best snow bunny outfit and then corners Rion in the kitchen where he’s doing homework. Rissa then proceeds to name all the things she wants to do in the snow. There’s just one problem: There’s no snow. Frustrated, Rissa claims they can still have fun because it’s just like having sex and taking a bunch of cum but not getting pregnant. Unaware that Rion is super confused, Rissa leaves to go get her sled.

When Rissa returns with her sled, Rion agrees to come play with her. They pretend to ride on the sled together, but as they go for their imaginary ride Rissa’s miniskirt slides up and Rion pops a boner. Rissa knows what she’s doing as she leans back and bumps and grinds against that nice hardon. When Rion suggests they may need to change positions, Rissa agrees and turns around to straddle him. She makes it clear that they’re no longer sledding. Now they’re fucking.

Pulling Rion’s fuck stick out, Rissa pops her own boobs from her shirt and then goes in for a BJ. She returns to her position of straddling Rion’s hips, this time with him inside her as she rocks back and forth. Turning around, she keeps their sled party going in reverse cowgirl. The stepsiblings move to the kitchen where Rissa takes Rion from behind and then hops onto the counter to enjoy his thrusts between her thighs. As she senses Rion getting close, Rissa urges him to cum inside her. Sampling the cum, she tells Rion that she thinks he may have gotten her pregnant, to which he is horrified.

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